Jeremiah 48:26 and 29
“Make him drunk,
Because he exalted himself against the LORD…
We have heard the the pride of Moab
(He is exceedingly proud),
Of his loftiness and arrogance and pride,
And of the haughtiness of his heart.”
I’ve heard a lot of Christians talk against fear and those living in fear recently. Hearing things like “I refuse to make decisions based on fear!” That is a great mantra to live life by. It is biblical to not live in fear but to live by faith. My caution however, is to not assume that because someone is living different than you, that they are then, therefore, living in fear. That bold sounding statement, can be riddled with pride if you’re not careful. In my time of Bible study I have repeatedly seen God comfort the fearful and reject the prideful. If you’re keeping score, I’d say living in pride is more detrimental than living in fear. Obviously both are wrong, but one God can comfort and console, the other He corrects and chastises.
Pride is such a silent killer because it numbs us to our own failures. It takes our judgmental eyes off of us (where they belong) and places them on others. It causes us to compare ourselves with others and then we determine who is better (guess who wins that one?). It is so blinding that it can even cause us to conclude that we should be exalted above God. Sure, we might not say it in those exact words, but pride lives it out. We assume that our perspective is correct and the Bible is incorrect. We justify things away that God wants us to apply! 

In this season of a thousand opinions, be sure yours isn’t rooted in pride. Be biblical, be loving, be joyful, be gracious, be informed, be helpful, but don’t be prideful.

God Bless,
Pastor Eric Souza