Matthew 5:7
Blessed are the merciful,
For they shall obtain mercy.
In a culture that is so divided, in a world that preaches selfishness as a form of happiness, and in a church that competes with other congregations for its members, it is no wonder that mercy is incredibly rare. It’s common to throw stones, cut throats to get ahead, and villainize the “competition”. Because of this, we need mercy now more than ever! Jesus’ ministry was known for its mercy and my prayer and hope is that ours will be, too. In fact, I think that if we show mercy, we will reveal to the world something that it desperately wants...and needs!

It might come as a surprise to our flesh to read “blessed are the merciful” because showing mercy seems to fly in the face of all that would make us surfacely happy. Showing mercy is not focusing on ourselves, not fixating on what we disagree on, and not showing interest in perceived personality differences. So what is genuine mercy? It is legitimately being interested in helping others in need. Plain and simple. It has nothing to do with you or the situation you are in. When someone is merciful, they are looking to aid and bless those who are outcasts and beaten down (the weak, the poor, the sad and depressed). I believe our world would look very different if every Christian was intentional and consistent about showing mercy. When someone is merciful, they are looking to restore. Even in the Church, we often find ourselves looking to divide; playing the part of the Pharisees’, as if we are trying to purposely find the differences and disagreements. This reveals that mercy is needed not just in the world but in the church as well. If mercy doesn’t mark your life as a believer, it needs to. Not only will you bless the world and the church, but according to the words of Christ, you will be blessed yourself! If we give mercy, we will obtain mercy, just as Matthew 5:7 promises. I don’t know about you, but I need as much mercy as possible, so the inevitable ‘therefore’ is that I myself ought to be showing as much mercy as possible!  

Showing mercy is walking in God’s will, which will, in turn, bless others and, as a gracious and wonderful byproduct, ourselves. May we be people who are always looking for opportunities to show mercy.

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