Our ultimate goal is for Jesus to receive all honor and praise from our efforts. We believe that in ministry with that goal in mind we have a few main things we can do to accomplish that. First to win lost souls by our conduct, our outreach (both formal and informal) and the teaching of the Word. Second to disciple saved souls into a more vibrant walk with Christ, through discipleship (both formal and informal) and teaching of the Word. We want to keep three things in mind while going about ministry for this purpose.

Reach UP

Reaching up is our investment into our walks with the Lord, both individually and corporately. We believe that one can attain a deep and personal relationship with the living God though prayer, fellowship with other believers, worship of God and studying the Word. This is foundational and if this step is skipped the next two steps are rendered ineffective. Our goal in reaching in is to strengthen our personal walks with the Lord and in turn strengthening the church as a whole.

Reach IN

Reaching in is our ministry to the Body of Christ. This investment is seen in many different capacities. We invest locally (Reach Jax), through providing a place where every believer can experience fellowship, counsel and comfort. These goals are met primarily by worship and teaching. Our goal in reaching in is to develop a strong Christ centered community with a living knowledge of the Word and a loving disposition to the churched as well as the non-churched. 

Reach OUT

Reaching out is a direct result from a healthy reaching up and reaching in. Reaching out, as we see it, is investing in the community outside of the church both formally and informally. This happens through community projects, benevolence ministry and by being a positive addition to the local community. Our goal in reaching out is to see the lost saved.