Matthew 5:5
Blessed are the meek,
For they shall inherit the earth.
Meekness has been misunderstood and given a bad name. Many view meekness as weakness, but nothing could be further from the truth. Meekness has well been defined as “strength under control.” The picture is that of a wild stallion brought under restraint. The strength is still there, but now it’s properly steered. The person who is meek is one who first, places himself or herself under proper authority. A meek individual is a godly individual because they have submitted their life to the Lord’s command. Second, one who is meek is gentle. A great example of this would be similar to a loving father who is gentle with his little child. He has greater strength than the child, but would only use that strength to protect and never harm. This also means that the gentleness of submissive meekness is to be shown in all situations, including when antagonized; just like Jesus, who was constantly provoked but never reacted. Sure, He responded, but never reacted. Genuine meekness knows the difference. It knows that reaction is based on circumstances, whereas responding is maintaining a mastery over yourself despite the circumstances. Meekness is far from weakness. In fact, meekness in the hands of the Holy Spirit is a very powerful thing!

Matthew 5:5 also states that those who are meek will live a blessed life because they will inherit the earth! However, this isn’t prosperity Gospel. It’s not teaching that if you are meek, then God is going to gift you with a big house and fancy car. Instead, it is promising a life of complete fulfillment and lack of need. When submitting to the King of kings (a trait of the meek), those who possess meekness understand that all belongs to Him above and, therefore, they are well taken care of. The greatest blessing of a life of meekness is the pure and serene contentment that comes from placing oneself under the will of God. If you are a child of the One who owns everything, you will be blessed with not having to worry about anything!

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