Reach New Building

We are so excited for all that God is doing here at Reach. Anyone who comes will tell you that God is moving in powerful ways and just one of those ways is our new worship space. We have been in our current space for almost 8 years and, as much as we love it, it is time for something bigger. Please join us in prayer and practical service as we refresh the new space and move from our current space over there. Sign up below to volunteer for the building refresh or to help us move stuff over from our current space.

4815 Executive Park Ct Suite 201 Jacksonville Fl 32216

We will have plenty of work to do regardless of your skill level. Don't be intimidated!!

Couple of dates to keep in mind:
March 1st & 2nd - We will gain full access to the new building on March 1st and will need ALL HANDS ON DECK to get the demo done so the contractors can get in and start their work.
April 2nd - Palm Sunday will be our first official service in the new building
All of March - I know this is vague but for most of the month we will be able to work around the contractors on other parts of the space to make sure everything is ready to go for our first service!

**Please make sure to sign up for the messaging within the Reach App so that we can communicate to you if and when the contractors need us out of the space to let things dry or whatnot**


We have a lot of new ministry opportunities thanks to the new space. There are 3 main areas where we will need help as some of these ministries will be growing significantly and some are all new to us.
1. Greeters - not a new ministry but due to the size of the new space we will need more volunteers ready to be a smiling face and show everyone who walks in the Joy of God.
2. Ushers - We will need to make sure as the church continues to grow that everyone who comes feels comfortable finding seating and everything else they may need while they are at Reach.
3. Parking - The parking lot is a bit of a difficulty in this new facility so we want to do everything we can to help make it easy.
If any of these stand out to you and you feel like you might be a good fit please fill out the volunteer application and the team leaders will check and vet each applicant.