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The Apostle Paul describes in 1 Timothy chapter 3 the requirements for those who desire to serve in a leadership capacity in the church. Though all questions may not apply to your specific area of ministry, please state your position on the following: “Now the overseer must be above reproach . . .”

Does your life reflect the life of Christ in moral and ethical purity? Is your life above accusation?*

“The husband of one wife . . . he must manage his own household well . . .”

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Are you content with your income? Do you desire wealth? Are you a good steward of your finances?*

Have you ever been removed from ministry? If yes, when were you removed and why? Have you made resolution with the church and/or person(s) involved?*

Briefly state your beliefs on the following areas of theology. When answering, please use at least one (1) Scripture reference for each area.

Salvation - What is Salvation and how is it obtained?*


The Trinity*

The Deity of Christ*

The Inerrancy and Inspiration of Scripture*

Water Baptism*


The Rapture of the Church (What is it and when will it take place in relation to the Great Tribulation?)*

The Baptism/Empowering of the Holy Spirit*

Spiritual Gifts*

Born Again - What does it mean to be born again?*

Have you read and understood Calvary Distinctives by Chuck Smith?*

Have you read and understood Living Water by Chuck Smith?*

Have you read and understood Calvinism, Arminianism, & the Word of God by Chuck Smith?*

* I have read the Reach Jacksonville Statement of Faith and agree to it without reservation.

* I understand that my life is a witness of Jesus Christ and I am living in accord with the Gospel.

* I am prepared to remove myself from ministry if I am dealing with an unrepentant sin that will undermine my witness and/or damage the churchʼs reputation.

* I understand that certain ministries may have additional requirements which are specified by the Pastor
or Ministry Overseer in the ministry applied for.

* I understand that I may be required to complete a Background Check and/or Fingerprint Check.

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